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  • Hello WulfLink... I'm sorry to inform you that the sig you requested really can't be done... I'm sorry. I could do anything else though...

    ... if you gave me a link or told me where you found your profile picture, I could make something from that...
    I already have it paid for. I hope they don't pull a TP on us again. That was a sad time for everyone that didn't have a wii.
    This again? Fav LoZ game is MM. Fav temples are the OoT water temple and MM stone tower temple. BGM is the lost woods theme from OoT. Fav MM mask is the garo's mask. Triforce wish is for...............………..SKYWARD SWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want it now. I'm to lazy to wait.
    Really all u need to know is that most of them are in the peak of their lives. And mostly homopobes. I've only fought once in school and kicked the crap out of him. People thAt make jokes that call you gay or a homosexual are mostly scared about whether they are straight or gay:):):):):):):):)
    If you ever need help or advice in OoT, MM, or TP consult me before posting a Zelda Help Thread about those games.
    The Restrictions I used when I did mine are as follows.

    1. No using shield in combat unless game forces. (OoT that would be Koume and Kotake fight)
    2. No using bottled fairies or going to Fairy Fountains or healed by Great Fairies unless getting spell.
    3. No using Red Potion but Green Potion is allowed.
    4. No getting upgrades like for your quiver, bomb bag, or slingshot.
    I used only 1-3 on mine but many people used 4.
    I consider a 3 Heart Run to be just beating the game with 3 Hearts.

    You can get Upgrades for slingshot, Quivers and use Fairies but some people put restrictions on themselves (like me when I did mine) to make it more difficult.
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