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  • Muh hah hah hah! The cookie was delicious! *Nom Nom*
    Bow before the might of the great Arkvoodle!

    ...Please don't eat me.
    Ah, same here. Though I can still buy things online from time to time by having my mom buy it and then paying her back for it. Sorry you can't find it though... :(

    Yeah, that's my picture. Heh, it is a good name. Sadly Master Chief is dead now. :(
    I saw it on Hot Topic's website. They might still have some, actually. Last I checked, they still had some Invader Zim stuff, I believe. Not sure if they had that specific shirt anymore though...

    Oh, really? I didn't know that! Did you see it in the Pictures thread or something?
    You're welcome! ^^

    Aw, that's too bad. I once saw a cool shirt with the Irken insignia on it, and I wanted it badly, but I had no money... :sweat:
    Happy birthday Tak! Hope your day was fun! ^^

    Get anything Zim-related for your birthday? Wait... do they even make much Invader Zim merchandise? They should!
    your welcome. of by the way, i have this odd feeling that your an invader zim fan.
    Well then I'm glad that you liked it. I plan to bake more for you soon. I should have it ready for you in about an Earth hour master.
    Your welcome master (do you mind if I call you that?). Did you like my Kokiri Kookie? I'm sorry if it didn't regester for you so to speak. I'm not sure what your kind is used to eating.
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