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  • Yeah, Earl doesn’t really like fireworks or thunder—he’s a shihtzu. How much fun I’ll be having during summer will likely just be during the time I swim, otherwise it’s gonna be pretty boring I imagine. Hope, yes…..that’s one thing you should always hold onto, no matter what.
    Hmmm, guess I can relate, not much going on really—like a week or so ago it kept storming though, and the thunder was laud as hell, my dog was frightened. I’ll eventually be getting a job, so that’s great…..I guess. Hope you have fun when you go to that camp though.
    Heh, it’s fine…..peace out for now, my friend. If you ever wanna talk, come by my page—because the Digital God of Peace certainly is back.
    Heh, yes, quite a few people are happy and kind of relieved even, I guess, to see that I have returned……swimming is nice, been doing it since I was young ^::^ Yeah, I see what you’re saying, not as easy to cool down during the hot summer that way >::>
    Good to hear that, I can imagine you are a little curious as to why I disappeared……sorry, something just happened, I had to leave. At any rate, I’m doing alright, finally back—not much gonna go on during summer, mostly just swimming and working likely.
    Jee thanks ^::^ Just to let you know though, so long as my two copies of Super Mario Sunshine stay functional…..I’ll have an unlimited amount of Sunshine ^^
    It's really more so what I live for on here. To make sure the allies I chat with are always staying positive.....I do this through spreading Sunshine and offering kind words ^::^ For I am Vain.....Insignificance......Digital God of Peace :silent:
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