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MUSIC, music, and some more music.
Halfway There


"It isn't an adventure until something goes wrong."

Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. (the world's greatest sentence that still follows all of the rules of grammar) :D

Isn't it weird that if you put ninety-nine into a microwave you'll cook your food (or whatever else one puts into a microwave) for one minute and thirty-nine seconds, but if you put one hundred into it, it will only cook for one minute?

But that isn't quite as weird as the fact that when you play 4/4 time in two, you're playing in 2/2 time, but if you play 6/4 time in two you're playing in 6/8 time o_O

Out of the games I've played, in my own opinion . . . MM>TWW=OoT>TP=SS=ALttP>LoZ>AoL But I haven't finished those last three so I'm not sure they count. . . .
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