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  • "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is better than "Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo", and is still a grammatically sound sentence. However, I prefer "Like-Likes Like-Likes like like Like-Likes". ^.^
    Uhhhh.....YouTube >::> Sorry, I dunno what to tell ya then, just do whatever feels right and hopefully it gets you somewhere.
    Hmmm, often at times you get lost at first and can find the way only upon familiarizing yourself with the surrounding areas, when places seem familiar you seek out unfamiliar locales and get further in the exploration of an area. I am not even sure if that makes sense, but I'm sure you'll find your way soon enough, yeah.
    Ah, well that’s certainly no good, hopefully it does all get sorted out properly…..things like that can be so irksome. As for me, good enough I guess, just listen to some music from Super Mario Galaxy 2…..ah, I do enjoy it. Hmmm, yeah, seems it’s getting cooler over here in Canada as well….I mean, some days it is hot enough to go swimming, but others not so much.
    Hmmm, Lord Vain does the best he can, and pretty much every time I’ve been called upon to do such things......in the end I am successful, so guess I am good. Eh, a whole paragraph about the sound of sparkles, that’s interesting......odd, but interesting.
    Hmmm, oh, you know—Spreading Sunshine, motivating others, speaking with others about serious things via PM, giving out advice if/when someone comes to me for such a thing, cheering people up if they need it.....all that stuff. Most of the time I just Spread Sunshine though~

    Well, that’s certainly good to hear; glad you had an alright time at your camp. Hmmm, my life? Same old, same old really—swimming, Digital God of Peace stuff, typing out my Stories.....heh, that’s pretty much it.
    Yes, I know of Avatar….it’s an alright show I guess. Heh, at least you have a dream…..I have none really….nope; currently my future is a blank canvas that only time will paint. Well, give it your all and hopefully you achieve your dream…..I see it being possible.
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