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  • Hey, I saw you wanted to learn how to do a screenshot. The easier way is to download Puush, a program that lets you screenshot with the push of three keys (usually ctrl + shift + 3). I use Puush all the time and find it very quick and painless.

    The other way to screenshot is to hit the PRTSC SYSRQ key, or Print Screen some others might call it. It's on the top right corner of my keyboard, not sure about yours. It copies the screenshot to your clipboard when you press it. You can then post the screenshot in Paint and upload it from there. As you can tell, Puush is much easier. :)
    This is just something freaky that kind of happened to me last night. I don't know if anyone actually comes here anymore, but it should still go out here. I had a dream where I was playing a Skyward Sword demo. Link was in some kind of swampy area. There were Gorons there, but they didn't look like Gorons. They were like 8 ft. tall with more humanoid bodies but they still had Goron heads. Apparently, Gorons aren't that friendly, but they made an exception for me. They said that after they moved the rock, that was apparently in my way, they would beat me up. After Link got beat up, he kind of had a vision of a dark future. After that, I woke up. It was just really weird. I think it was kind of caused by all the information Zelda Dungeon has been giving, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Keep doing the good work.
    Hey, SNOlink! Thanks for the friend request! :D Man, was that a fun debate! First ones I ever had! :) Anyways, you're quite new in the forums. Like 4 days ago. Well, here's a belated welcome! Azure Sage still hasn't greeted you, odd. :hmm:
    To do the options, after you click create a poll, in the message box write what it is about, and make sure there is a title, then click submit thread, then a page will come up with the options and things

    What will you poll be about?
    Hello and welcome to Zelda Dungeon. This place is awesome. Trust me if you follow the rules and are nice to every one then you will have so much fun. And if you have any questions feel free to ask!
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