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Hero of Hyrule
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  • No problem~ Glad you liked it~ :)

    Yeah he is your arch nemesis, I guess he's challenging you to a Birthday duel or something~ :P
    Thanks for the card, Sarianae. It's pretty sweet.
    And zeldahuman, you don't have to tell me twice to stay away from those pirates. Ninjas are beast. They brought me a new guitar.
    Happy Birthday man! i hop you have a good one and the Birthday Ninjas treat you well...
    and avoid the pirates and cowboys, they're EVIL!
    Hello sir Hero of Hyrule~ As it is your Birthday, I'm leaving you a card~! HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! ^__^

    :eek:carina: Hey! PM me your ally code! :clap:
    Oh-Hoy Hero of Hyrule!!
    I'm Komali, hope you will have a great time here on the forums!! :D
    And thanks for joining my Koji Kondo group!!

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