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  • Speaking of WW, I was trying to figure out which songs to download from the soundtrack the other day. I may just get all of them and weed out the ones that turn out to be sound effects, but do you have any in particular you recommend?
    This is pretty random, but I know you are a WW fan - someone just linked me to this the other day, and I wondered if you 'd seen it? Wind Waker Unplugged. I found it pretty neat. :)
    Ah, glad to hear it. I had that same experience when I first joined ZD, so I'm glad to hear it's still working out that way. ^^

    Agreed. I think it did have some awesome innovations, though, and I wish they really capitalized on them. :( And I feel the same way about Skyward Sword. ^^
    Oh, hey! ^^

    Haha, yeah. I'm glad they were. :xd: Cool, glad to hear someone agrees with me, because a lot of people get annoyed when I whine about TP. XP

    No, totally! I don't mind being friends at all. And you don't sound newbie-ish in the slightest. One of the most intelligent introductions I've ever seen. :xd: Sorry I took so long to respond. I get utter craploads of messages, so it's hard to respond to them sometimes.
    Did you know ZD has a Shout Box? If not, I think you will have access to it once you get a certain amount of Rep, which I gave you :P. Soon enough you will see it, it is at the top of the forums.
    No problem, I just needed a ZD cast and you fit the bill as an rude warrior :P

    Anyway, I know you are not rude at all but the role will do, eh?

    I have been ok, hanging in there like always. Can you tell me if you can see the pic I have set up as a profile pic? Some peeps are not able to see it.
    So how have you been doing lately? Everything alright? I hope you don't mind, I decided to add you as an warrior to a story I am writing. Shan is your name there. :P The story is about that mythology stuff I spoke to you about.
    I saw you posted some FC's in the Friend codes thread. Is your mario kart FC for mario kart wii or mario kart ds? It only said mario kart so I wasn't sure.
    No mate, it's a Role Playing Group. Heard of those? It's called 'Dark Cloud' (obviously :)) It's my little tribute to one of the best games I've ever played & ever will
    Hello fellow Dark Cloud fan, how are you? You know, you should join my RPG group, since you've played it. It's based on a fan-fic I began (I got the inspiration from Dark Cloud, of course lol :)
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