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  • I sold the game cube to my sister, see? I had time to play it here but I could never push myself to just finishing it, guess I would get bored lol. Anyway, yeah, I heard the ending was ok, I might watch some vid on youtube about it. :P My interest at the moment are other things. ^^

    Wait...I have a good idea of what could of had happened in that WW ending...Link kept Zelda and the world returned to normalness. Is that close enough? DX
    Hehe, I see. I like writing, have been enjoying it since I dropped out of school. I've started many fics here and have abandoned them for many reasons, not that I don't wanna write them. :P I have a bad reputation thanks to that, but I am working on one that I am enjoying writing too much. It's about Norse Mythology from a game I played called Valkyrie Profile.

    Anyway, I agree with you in the poem thingy, I suck doing that and never will try it out. I will stick to just writing normal stories. Btw, which Zelda games have you played? I ask only because I have never finished a Zelda game, just played WW and stopped playing it when I was about to beat Ganondorf. That is when I got my first xbox360, I guess I forgot about the GC. :P
    Oh that is good to hear. I wish you the best. I never liked school, I dropped after my Junior year. :P lolz
    There are quite a few peeps here that like photography, interesting. Do you also like to write or something?
    Lolz, before you posted your pic I thought you were a guy. But that is one trouble I have when trying to tell what a member is. I hardly check out the "About Me" area, that is why. :P Sorry.
    Hey, you've played it too? That's excellent, not many people I've talked to have played it. How about you & I be friends then?
    A Random comment from a Random Person.


    There's a person on ZD called Shadsie. Their name has nothing to do with a similar sounding Zelda character. It's pure coincidence.
    Hey, thanks for accepting my request!

    So you have a Wii friend code? I should check mine...:P
    ya. he's pretty cute. im gonna upload another picture tommorow(if i have the chance)
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