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  • Hi nice to meat you will you be my friend I like main zeldas and rare zeldas will you be my friend thanks.
    {QUOTE=SavageWizzrobe;169140}Shadow Arrow: Makes black holes which kill both normal enemies and Link in one hit. The black holes can darken bright rooms and dim light sources. Each Shadow Arrow uses 1 arrow and 4 MP.{/QUOTE}
    I am warning you, people might deREP you for saying MP, the same happened to me. > .<'
    {The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    Agahnim is actually Ganon.}
    Actualy, Agahnim is his own person until he met Ganon. He was not always ganon.
    Awe thank you for your concern ^//^ I'm not feeling too great right now but I'm trying to do everything I can to get better =/
    Lol! Hey man, Thanks for the warm welcome. What Zelda are have you been playing? Right now I'm doing a 3 heart run on WW.
    Welcome to the Kingdom of ZD you Savage. Have fun but don't eat anyone, so you better read those. Ha ha ha (you know that was a joke right)!
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