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  • It's a movie and not a TV show well I didn't know.

    I'll have to see one day unless you know of a webpage where I could see it.
    A few of my friends at school have mentioned that show
    It one of those online shows or do they show it on Cartoon Network or another channel?

    If online send me a link to the website:D:D
    Don't know Spiral, I've watched abit of Lucky Star, seen all of FMA just not the Brotherhood version, and Hellsing is awesome, it has vampires (Not the gay-*** sparkly kind) nazi vampires, a regenrating Priest and out of those vampires is the main character Alucard, one of the best vampires in the world.
    Well makes sense from your avatar, that is a pretty awesome movie. Do you watch anime much? or not at all?
    Which one do you like the best then? I my shadowy self don't have a favourite because they are all good, some slightly more than others but still all of them (Of the ones I have seen)
    Greetings random person I believe I have not met before, I'm guessing you like Studio Ghibli movies too, right?
    I like your signature. :) Nice to know we have some fellow Lord of the Rings fans on here. :D
    That's O.K. Understand

    Mine are OoT, MM, and TP
    Stone Mask(Love killing Takkuri) the mask ur talking about I believe is called the Bunny Hood
    World Peace(No wars peace)
    Your Fav LoZ game(s)?, Fav MM mask?, and your Triforce wish?

    Have fun on ZD and don't be afraid to express your opinion it might present new facts, give more insight to the entire Thread, or change people's ideas about the Thread.

    Click on View Conversation so I'll get a Notification when you reply.
    i thought so i saw that movie a long time ago great movie also im digging out of the storm to it such a pain
    hey there Raindrop, nice to meet you. I hope your having fun also whats your avatar it looks familiar
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