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The Shadow
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  • atfirstdawn on deviantART

    this is my dA, if you check my gallery you'll find Zelda and Final Fantasy FFs, beware,t he reason why its 18+ is because of bondage, which i love. If you don't mind that then have fun. And if you'd like to read some more of Zelda let me know.
    I've been on the scene for a long time to know my stuff :)
    Glad to meet you. Feel free to post or chat with me in the Shoutbox or Skype at any time.
    Hello Shadow. I am K4. Pleased to meet you.

    I have seen your post in Nayru's Group. You have gained my attention and my congratulations for knowing it.
    I welcome you to my group, it's up to you if you want to join or not. Feel free to ask to join or not. Oh, and I'll be seeing you around.
    I never really thought about a sequal because I like to leave things hanging like that. But thanks for sharing your ideas.^^
    wow. that was a long message. anyway, it's okay that you don't join, i'll go edit my post when i stop being lazy. :p
    i know you wanted to be in my Poke Groups RPG, and there weren't dark pokemon, so i added it. Komali was dark or dragon, and i made him dark. you can sign up and be the leader, if not, Komali will be the leader.
    ! So you know the Superman Theory of Disguise... well, guess what? So do I. I do not fall for your trick and throwthe empty chest at the real you, stealniing the treasure.
    Should we make a "Claim the Chest" thread? That's pretty much what this is becoming...
    No... and it's not ever going to- *someone throws me at a Wolfo and I explode* ... yes.
    Are you still going to post on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RPG? I'v been waiting for you to post for months... plus, we have someone ho would like to join the team. If you no longer want to be in the thread, w'll continue on without you... but plase tell.
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