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  • A ZD member with the name of Kaiser Kami wants to be the guy who will make Video Walkthroughs for the Oracle Games Wind Waker and Minish Cap and I thought I should tell you.
    I've been pretty good to, although I've just been kinda of fired for the next few months because my boss doesn't have enough business, so that's a pain, but I'll get around it some how.

    How has the music been going? I forgot that you were part of a band, last time I remember speaking to you about it you were trying to find a good symbol/logo for the band.
    Erm...wow, you're no longer an Admin, that's quite a surprise. I guess you've decided to retire now huh...

    I haven't spoken to you in a while either, so how've you been?
    Hi Mosley, I just wanted to bring something to your interest. Recently, I have been derepped, and I have been insulted in the comment. Please decide whether action should be taken or not, and reply to me what you decide to do. Thanks for all your efforts.
    Okay thanks. I wondered about it being intentional or not. There was no message in the post about it only being open to certain members and not everyone that is why I thought I would ask.
    I saw in the official forum faq thread a link for more info on becoming a wiki member. But the link sends me to the vbulletin message that I do not have permission to see that page. So is that specifically a staff only application?
    Yay, thanks. :P I appreciate it, I knew I could count on you. I will pm you the groups later, as I am about to go have dinner. Many many thanks.
    Is it possible for me to get rid of the groups I have made? I hardly use them. If you can delete them please, I would appreciate it.
    Ah, thanks. It was a little confusing for me because it looked like the message "You are not a member" was always directed at me regardless of who's profile page I was on. So I wondered why that was. I assume it would display information if both I and the individual's page I am looking at are in the same permission usergroup.

    I decided to ask because it seemed redundant to have two separate groups bars that have the same Join Groups button on them. And I just wanted to know why it was even there.
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