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  • I have read, I think something like 6 seasons of it? Something like that. I have read almost all comics. :P My favorite characters are Cornelia, Hay Lin, and of course Elyon. What was your favorite season? Mine was probably the first one. After the first few seasons, the story started to get all strange to me, but I still liked it.
    I was actually making that for awhile, since you asked for a blonde anime girl, I decided to make this one for you. It wasn't that hard anyway
    I have known about ZD for about 3 years now. I've only been commenting for 6 months and have only been on the forums for 5 months, though. As for Portal...you might think I'm weird for this, but I haven't played it but I've seen the complete walkthrough. The reasons for this is because I don't have an Xbox, but I thought it would be interesting to see it.
    Here you go: Need anything changed?

    well, first of all. I need you to fill out this:
    Background color:

    Then, I can start on it
    Well, I actually requested for the avatar, the person who made it is on this site. So yeah, I got it for free.
    I draw a lot, umm, you have to have a program to do that, I used a program called GIMP, but the avatar wasn't made by me
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