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  • Portal2 is awesome. I'm guessing you've played it? I want it really bad. I have to satisfy myself by watching walkthroughs on youtube.
    In the Nyan Cat group? If so, when your on the main part of the group(like you see the discussions,the members) there should be a button that says "Add Pictures",then chose the pictures. Well, in the discussions, in the toolbar(when you're typing something), you see the images that have the mini earth,email thing,the small image,and what looks like a strip from a movie. Click the second to last button and paste the URL in the box. In order to get the URL, you have to use something like Tinypic,Photobucket,ImageShack,etc.

    Hope that helped.
    Not far at all actually. I just played a little but of it at a friend's house.
    Hey! Merry Christmas and welcome to ZD! You picked a good site to join for all the greatest Zelda conversations! Like Fiery Klongo said, if you have any questions, feel free to ask any member. :) Enjoy the Dungeon!
    :zelda:Welcome to zelda Dungeon! :) If you need any help or just want to talk you can ask me or any other member. To reply to this just click view conversation.
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