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  • If I had several wishes, one would be for a warp pipe to the Mushroom Kingdom and thus that Galaxy as well :3 Anyhow, in my story we all eat before going into that galaxy since the sweet in its name seemed suspicious….doesn’t mean we didn’t take a bunch of “souvenirs” with us back though :lol: Also, the story's still a work in progress, I'm on the last chapter I believe, all the Galaxies of World 6 and the final confrontation with Bowser :)
    I don't have a favorite type of candy, I just love sugar overall :3 Super Mario Galaxy 2 is better than the first one in my opinion, I even made a chapter story based off of it, which is a sequel to my chapter story based off of Super Mario Sunshine :sweat: Yeah, I have a lot of time on my hands, but you should definitely check the game out sometime :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfNywmtt1AE Here's a video if you want to check the Galaxy out, the back ground music is very relaxing.....
    By the way, this may sound like a funny question (it likely will) but have you ever heard of the "Sweet Mystery Galaxy" from Super Mario Galaxy 2? It’s clear that you also enjoy space, and since your name is Mistery it thought you might get a kick out of that analogy :3 The Sweet Mystery Galaxy is a place most people would enjoy I’m sure, since it’s planets are made of sweets, like candy bars and pancakes among others :)
    Well, I'm back and my Internet is up and running again. If you want to chat just message me when you log back on :)
    Yea, I think it looks great! I love the golden background of it. I didn't even know Josie was a graphic designer. Wow! You play Halo too?
    You need to resize a couple of them somehow, one of them was hard to read.
    Alright, though I have something to go to around 10:30 or later.....we can chat any time you want. I don't do much.....so I’m usually free.
    No problem regarding the Friend Request.....and I've been on here since November 29th, 2011. But that’s just when I made my account on the forums, I’ve been browsing around Zelda Dungeon for a while….I actually remember looking on here for a guide on how to collect all the Gold Skultulas in the Spider House within Great Bay on Majora’s Mask. Short answer- A very long time, at least 5 years or more.
    Yea, I know who the rat man is. Thanks for the friend request fellow test subject... By the way, isn't that a vocaloid as your profile picture? I don't really know much about them and I think one of the names of them is Hatsune Miku.
    Yeah, I enjoy drawing, but I'm not all that good at it. I'm not bad, but I'm still no expert.
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