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  • Thanks ;) Yeah, the Robert Green mistake was bad, really bad. But USA deserved a point in that match, England weren't really impressive. Nice goal by Gerrard though.
    Anyways, I actually live in Norway :P So our countries are neighbours :P But I cheer for England because of the great football I saw in the Premier League this season :)
    I read your signature. That's crazy how you beat that many zelda games, espicially Adventure of Link. I only beat the first palace in the game by the way. I'm also surprised that you became a member only recently and didn't use the top-quality guides at the site. You must be some kind of pro-gamer. :)
    Thanks for the friend request :) I haven`t been online for a couple of days, didn´t want any spoilers but now that I´ve completed Spirit Tracks I will be more active again!
    Ah, I had to do a double take cause for a second there I thought that I was talking to myself. :xd: The avatar had me confused.

    Yes, I like the look that ST has. I think it looks awesome. :)
    Thanks! I really like the games too, only Zelda and Metroid are better franchises if you ask me. GoW III will indeed be a true masterpiece, of that I´m sure!!! What I really like about the God of War games are the challenges you unlock when beating the games, they are nasty :lol: Did you ever beat any of the games on God mode? I don´t think I could do that but guess I´ll have to try some day.
    Oh Thanks but it was Mases, Caleb, Dabombster and MrMosley who sorted that. I had no part to play in it! ^^ But thanks anyway!

    Oh, and you have a good weekend too!
    Yeah, Sweden is lovely. And if it wasn't for Canada and, er, certain other teams, we would win the Hockey World Championships every year! XD
    Lol, it's not that bad.
    I haven't been warned as per say, more just there's been times I haven't felt so welcome here.
    Though if anything, thats probably because i've been frequenting the more for serious areas of these forums,
    Unlike the more laid back community forums i'm hanging at the moment.

    But if you're social and make some good friends you should be all good.
    This train? Whatever do you mean?
    I'm surprised by your post count being you joined yesterday......

    It took me forever to work up this much topical, by the rules posts that wouldn't get me notified/warned.
    Oh hey?
    (Fifty Character Limit swipes at your goods and steals your sword)
    Just saying for all you folks who visit my profile - feel free to leave me a comment or two. I don't bite. :) I'll try and comment back as soon as possible.
    Welcome to Zelda Dungeon, Mii85! Have fun, and don't forget to read the rules!
    If you need anything, just ask me or any other member! See you around!
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