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  • Some of Nintendo's stupidest decisions.
    Making the Virtual Boy, cmon on Nintendo you had to know that this was a bad choice.The Virtual Boy only had one good game Wario Land.
    Sticking to cartridges for the N64, this is probably Nintendo's stupidest decision.
    Selling Rare, when I stop and think about this it still shocks me sometimes.Rare made some of the best games(like Donkey Kong country,Banjo Kazooie,and Conker)for Nintendo.
    Ooo, that's kinda rough.

    I'm playing OoT on the VC right now. You know, because OoT is actually AVAILABLE on VC unlike OTHER games.....

    Sorry man, I'm just trying to get on your nerves. :D
    True OOT is a classic,but it stops being a classic when it keeps getting milked over an over and over.
    How much is too much?
    Ocarina of Time is one of the most popular games of all time,it has been released on the N64,the Gamecube with Master Quest,for the Zelda Collector's Edition,and for the Wii's virtual console.
    But people still want it to be released on the DS.Sure it's a good game,but this is getting out of hand.There's a lot of other games that are as good if not better then OOT.
    So how much is too much?
    I would have told the guy to shut up,but he had a lazy eye,and I did not want him to take anything I say the wrong way.
    I would of just told the guy to shut up, I don't see the point in letting someone ruin something like that, when you could do something.
    Makes me Mad!
    So I'm in a comic shop,buying the next issue of Angel,now just as I'm paying for the comic,the guy in the comic store starts to talk about the comic that I just bought,and starts to spoil it for me.
    This ticks me,I feel like telling the guy to not spoil it for me,but I also don't want the guy to think that I'm a jerk.
    So I just smile and nod,and get out of there as fast as I can,before the guy spoils the whole comic for me.
    Hey Midna666, what's up with spelling MM Majore's Mask? I was just wondering, because I'd seen you type it that way several times. Is that a more accurate translation? Or is it just how you prefer to say it?
    Well in my story Midna has to rebuild her government while dealing with Zant supporters.
    Thanks. My birthday was pretty good... well, other than school anyway. :P
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