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  • Four Swords Manga
    Well I got the first part of the Four Swords Manga yesterday.

    Mood:Mad(we lost a lot of good threads).
    Playing: Sonic Chronicles.
    Reading:Four Swords Manga, and Sonic#203.
    Busy, busy, busy.

    I have just started work on a Zelda project that I have been wanting to get off the ground for a while now.

    It's a fanfic that will be a sequel to Twilight Princess.

    I probably won't be on as much such I'm really behind on this project.
    But don't worry I'll try to be on this site at least two times a day while I get this project up and running.
    Well wish me luck.
    My favorite radio station is becoming a sports station.
    It seems to me that the music stations are dieing a slow death, which I find to be really sad.
    Is the day coming when there will be no more music on the radio?

    Mood:I've been better.
    Playing:Wario Land 4.
    Reading:The Oracle of Ages manga, Sonic#202.
    Yeah I know but I'm sure that I'll get back to green at some point I just have to think positive.
    What the hell is up with this sites rep system?
    It seems everytime I speak my mind someone gives me bad rep.
    Do people ever read all my post that I make?

    There's no reason for my rep to be bad.

    I'm not sure that I want to be a member of a site where I can't speak my mind.
    Yeah it can get confusing, but it's nothing compaired to the way superhero comics get.
    My only problem with the comic book series is that it's so complicated.

    Every issue it makes references to about 10 other different issues, which gets quite confusing.
    Yep I'm a big fan of the Sonic comic book series.
    In fact I think that they are better then the games.
    I got the Oracle of Ages manga today.
    Mood:happy I guess.
    Playing Animal Crossing.
    It's been awhile.
    I just notice that I have not been on as much lately.
    I was pretty busy last week.
    Hopeful I will have more time this week to be online.
    Mood:Ok I guess.
    Watching:Angel season 5.
    Playing:Twilight Princess.

    So I want to the Doctors last week and he weighs me on his scale and I've pot on weight!!!!!!!
    How much harder do I have to push myself on the Treadmill everyday?
    I hate his stupid scale, ever with noone on it it does not go back to zero.
    I'll show that goddamn stupid scale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lol nintendo regrets selling rare. i still think they should buy them back. lol but good points there. lol
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