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Michael Heide
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  • Hey I think you speak English better than most people. I didn't see a single spelling or grammar error.
    Thanks and yes, Im not that creepy. :P Here is the full image.
    Hey, you may not be interested in this, but I just read your thread and saw that you are replaying Twilight Princess. We're playing that this month in our group, too, and you're welcome to join the discussion if you want. No pressure, just wanted to throw the option out there in case you didn't know about it. :)
    Hey, I saw you around and wanted to say hi. You're from Germany? We are learning German at school.
    Welcome to ZD Michael. As your neighbour from Holland I can understand why you posted that topic about SS ;) It is good to see another "older" member on here!
    Hi! I noticed your post in "How did you get to know about the Zelda series?" I, too, am old enough to remember when the original LoZ was first released. There are a few of us around on the forums. :) Nice to see you here!
    Welcome to Zelda Dungeon! Read the rules and have fun! :):triforce::mastersword:
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