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  • Well thanks! I think so too. Funny thing about that, I'm listening to Three Days Grace right now.
    Wat kinda stuff you listen to?
    Hey, you commented on my blog, asking if I was creating something? I'm not quite sure what you mean by that. I do create lots of things with my imagination, but I only keep and tinker with wrailiens and Volars.
    I took a shot at rigging one time for an NPC in Oblivion. I got the bones down and all that but let's just say it didn't go very well. XD
    Oh, I got ya. It's from SoulCalibur, like you said and I blatantly skipped over that fact after looking at that picture. So, you're just using it as a base to practice rigging, I assume.
    Damn man, you're really good.
    I can only do objects and furniture at the moment. You see... when I was in college taking the classes for this, some bad personal stuff happened, and I had to drop out. So I never got to learn all the good stuff. I don't know how to rig, weight paint, and all that other stuff. And when it comes to UV mapping, forget about it. I can't UV my way out of a paper bag.

    I should go back to school. :lol:
    Oh! Very cool. I'm a 3D modeller as well, only I use Maya. I'm trying to teach myself max but it's very complicated. I hope to make a career out of it one day.
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