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  • Well I don't blame you. So much has changed, and ZD is flooded with new members. More recently, it has been hard to find a worthy thread to post on without trolling. Everything has either been done before or makes absolutely no sense. <_<
    For me, this place is as close as it gets to my ONE PLACE. It's friendly around here, and I just couldn't get into ZE or ZU or any other site/forum site.
    Eh. We're more civilized now. Rather than cussing, we settle it with pure logic (but only when there aren't a thousand other people interrupting with random comments). Idunnolol whatisthisidonteven :right: V - that is what happens in the SB these days.
    :xd: You'd hate to see how much the SB has devolved. It's just complete randomness in there. I try to spark intelligent discussions occasionally (like today... I said Zelda was better than Mario and... you know :P), and some end up in rather serious discussions. Like fact and opinion - Xinnamin completely owned me today. :xd:
    It's full of newbs like me, but I feel like I belong in the Zelda Dungeon of the past. I don't necessarily spark arguments often in the SB, but I did today. :right: And that makes me feel like a member of old - ZD's so crowded these days, especially in the summer.
    Oh, how I wish I were there, too. :xd: ZD is crowded with trolls and quite a few memes. *Stops myself before I go on a rant about trolls de-repping...* Yeah, I should stop there. I overreact when it comes to this stuff. -.- As for memes... ever heard of "Nice to meat you"?
    I know that you have no clue who I am, as I am a member of new. Don't think I'm a troll - that position has been taken enough on these forums. Anyway, there was always something poking my brain - who was Chrono? I noticed that he/she was banned and is a rather famous member... for what purposes was Chrono banned?
    Hey man pretty cool name!! i like it your avatar kewl too
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