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  • I saw your convo with MC, and I wanted to say something about the posts per day. The shoutbox restriction isn't 1 post per day as in posting statistics, but one post per day as in one post by yourself within the last 24 hours. If you were to go off and post in a thread now, however, you still wouldn't have access. Another requirement is having at least 100 total posts.
    It must be tough, yeah, being here for almost a decade and seeing things move along too quickly and things changing inconveniently for you. You could probably make new friends, it's never too late. Oni isn't in the SB much anyway, but if you have a Skype, I can add you. There are lots of great people there, since everyone you knew kind of left. :/
    Hi, I noticed you had a question about the Shoutbox. The requirements to be able to use the Shoutbox are 1) have 100 total posts and 2) have posted once in the past 24 hours.

    Hope this helps. :)
    I have no idea, really. I think the idea was to get people to post more so they could see the Shoutbox, but I don't think many people came to the realization that most people weren't aware of the posting requirements of the new SB. And I think you need to have 100. I don't know for sure, but that's probably what the minimum is.

    I'd rather chat on Skype, though. It's much easier and more fun to use than the SB anyway.
    Yeah, it sort of is. I think there are certain requirements now as well, maybe that's why you can't see it. :/
    Well, it's now required that users make one post on the forums for the day before they are allowed access to the Shoutbox.
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