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Lord Death
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  • Hey Greed! You like Kingdom Hearts too? Well, I was hinted at your drawings, but I just saw that your avatar was edited. I have a cool idea; let's be friends! :)

    I was just looking at your art thread again, but I'm too lazy to repost my comment on it. You remember what I said, right? lol
    Now we know how Link feels. Just beat Woodfall Temple and played the Song of Time. Look at that! Everything's all purple and poisionous again!

    You know you did it, the computer just doesn't recognize it.
    When someone post a post you see the star sign below the username and wne you click on it you have the ability to choose a approve or disapporve button. You can write a reason why you like/dislike a post. We had troubles wiht people misabusing the rep ability and they derepped people for teh most weirdest and silliest reasons. We had a topic wheter or not to keep the system.
    Your sig is showing up. (Click the About Me tab on your page). You didn't have a signature before, so it didn't show up on your old posts. If you make a post now, it'll show up. You put it in correctly. :) Looks good on you.
    No problem! :D Enjoy the forums!
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