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    Hey, how did it go on Monday with the girl?
    Lol, your friend doesn't seem that great, to be honest. Let it slide, he's just trying to bother you and don't let it.
    No, but now I do, what about them?
    And, Do you like other kinds of music other than punk, metal, alternatives?
    At least you guys have similar tastes in music. I'd think things will go smoother tomorrow now that you know you have something in common. Try talking about that some more, the conversation should come easier.

    And extra good luck again.:3
    I'm learning guitar for not even a year, so I'm not so sure.
    I want to master the guitar first and learn few other instruments and since guitar and bass are pretty similar I rather learn other instruments before.
    But I really want to learn to play bass, I want to go to a guitar shop and try playing bass.
    i wanted to have a ghillie suit, but i couldn't get ahold of one. i dressed in dark clothes, a hooded screen mask, and glasses that glowed red every couple of seconds. it was awesome. then the glasses stopped working and i went to a different neighborhood. and a bunch of little girls started following me, so i cut through the woods. it was fun. lol
    Heh, I know but I like it :xd:
    I DO?!?! *checks friends* Wow, you're right:lol:
    Nah...THIS IS ZELDAA!!!
    Hey! Yeah, it's been some time...What's up?
    Thanks, btw. Your avatar is nice, too!
    wow! the law?!?!?!?! what kind of stupid law is that???XD. well, i have a clock for seattle time, and if its correct, its 6:00 there, so go boo some people! you get a bag and put some candy in it, then you basically leave a note inside that says that they have been boo'ed, and to copy it, post it on there door, and boo two more people. dress in dark clothes, and go out when its dark. put it on their doorstep, knock loudly and run and hide. its really fun, and eventually everyone is doing it. i did it to five people XD. DON'T get caught.
    Hmmm, like I said it depends on the girl.
    Although, a lot of girls do like the musician type. I'm sure she'll like you fine, you seem really nice. : P
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