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  • That's the catch, this is a band, that me and two friends are making, got no drummer, the lead guitarist forgot how to play, I'm suppose to be the bassist even though I don't own a bass and I haven't started learning, the third member learn guitar by himself and he's not so good yet and none of us have never seen the others play.
    They want a death metal/grindcore band but I'm not so sure if this is what I want. The singer (which is the third member) can growl and he write songs about horrible things that I can't explain in this forum and neither me and the lead guitarist don't like that.
    Oh, and this lead guitarist got this awesome recording room with lots of instruments, so many instruments.
    So its a theoretical, you're suppose to understand it by now, all we do is talk, we never play.
    What a horrible surprise :lol:. Well if you can't find any name go back to "broken windows", this name isn't so bad after all.
    What's up man. We are doing good. Just practiced today. We added a second guitar to our group. It's pretty cool. I also have another project right now called Dowsing. I will have to let you know next time we are on the east coast.
    Yeah, I figured she had some sort of name.XD
    Keep me updated on how things are going, if you want.=]
    That's a fun story. Well I hope you guys will get a lot of fame and that i'll hear of you here in israel.
    Nice. Say, can I play the bass with long fingernails? Cause I'm playing my classic guitar with long fingernails and I don't want to cut them.
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