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    im a friend of zretsirk XD XD r u new to ZD?¿
    Happy new year!
    So you got your Xbox? That's great, you probably sitting all day in front of the tv and shot stuff.
    Seems like a good book, you're lucky that you get good books.
    Last year we read a play called The Miser by Molière and it was funny and we did read the dialogs and they made a movie about it too, but in france, still really funny. But all I found are small parts, never found the whole movie.
    Have you ever played Maple?
    Yes I have. I read the books when I was an 3rd grader I think and when I was on the 5th grade the 6th book came out but I stop reading the at the middle of the book for some reason and never read back. But I really want to read the 6th and 7th book but I forgot some things that happens on the rest of the books so I don't know what to do. Remember I was telling you about how I stop reading two years ago because of school? Well I really want to read again but I keep getting exams and I got this book I need to do a work on it at school, its about a girl who were a victim of terror attack and her best friend died and all of her life are ruin, I hate those kinds of books. The worst part is that the date of that event is my birthday date, this is so annoying! I don't understand why can't teachers give us a fun book to read, I thought they want us to love reading but this only makes people hate it.
    Hey Cucco! There's a storm where I live! It is raining and there's a strong wind and trees are falling down! This is so fun, we didn't have such a cold weather for a really long time.
    I heard from Ark that he went insane. And yeah, I got the PM. I had always thought that Austin was rather sane. I guess not.
    I feel okey now, I'm also on a holiday off school, I was at home cause I was sick, now with my holiday and sickness I have two weeks without school.
    No, I don't. Are you into that now? cause I have some friends that started skating too.
    I have no idea but my head and chest hurts when I cough, my whole body is hurting and I feel so weak I can't do much.
    That sounds weird, so you didn't touch her?
    Hanukkah, its a fun holiday, though its not as big as Christmas, we don't get these big presents for Hanukkah.
    Lucky you! on next saturday I'm gonna have a holiday too so i'll have a whole week without school!!
    How old is your brother? I just ordered with my dad New Super Mario Bros Wii (guhh... such a long name).
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