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  • Hmmm, I would happen to be the guy who did raise your rep, because you were expressing your opinion. Also, I go by the Troll-Slayer on the main site, but used that as my nickname here by choice. I didn't mean for it to seemingly refer to your thread.
    I've spent most of my playing Final Fantasy 4: THe After Years but Now I plan on starting Final Fantasy 6
    Don't worry too much about it, one giant case of mistakes and miscommuncations as it turns out.
    That means posting twice in the same thread, even if its a different thing. But as I said, I'd encourage you to check again, because I could easily be wrong.
    I was just saying, I've heard of a double-posting rule. You didn't come off as rude, after all, maybe I didn't check well enough. And as I said, It's just a tip. You can do what you think is right, if that's the case.
    Dude, just as a tip: Conversations are better kept to visitor messages or personal messages. You know, just to keep the thread on topic.
    Hmm, the quote (about laughter) in your signature is certainly interesting.... I approve. :P Welcome to the Dungeon, Kafei.

    (Also, OMG, you have Nyan cat buttons!)
    ... Interesting! So you mean that the lost friend who Link is searching for in SS is Midna? Cuz that's not the case actually. He is searching for Zelda, his childhood friend who got lost. (If that was what you meant.)
    But the circular time perception was actually very interesting indeed (despite the fact that I don't totally agree with it), it's quite similar to how the Hindus and Buddhists see it!
    Good thinking! :D

    BTW, if you're interested in reading about one of my timeline theories click here. It's a link to one of my threads containing a full description of one of my timeline theories. You might enjoy reading it, however, I don't agree with it anymore myself actually. I'll post a new version eventually.
    Whaat?! Do you think SS will be a sequel to TP? Please, explain. :)
    I've always thought TP was a sequel to OoT, and that OoT was a sequel to SS...
    Sorry? Why? I have the times when I make those more often than you might think. Don't be embarrassed.

    I just didn't think my comment was that funny.
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