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  • Hey man... I am missing you. I wish you knew how much you meant to me. We weren't very close but... you were a friend to me. It haunts me constantly because you were a very important person to me.. and I don't know if you ever knew that. Tristan said you thought highly of me... but I don't know if I can believe that. I wish we were closer. You were a great dude. I just hope somehow you know I miss you every day.
    Few days late but the Browns finally won a game and everyone lost their **** over it. I wish I could have seen your reaction to this as some of my fondest memories of you is you talking **** about the Browns. XD
    I missed your birthday. Sorry :kawaii:
    So happy birthday, but late

    Oh also, I've been singing Take Me Home, Country Roads for you a lot! I had a small concert in the Mafia server! Tristan was the only listener, but it was epic!!
    I miss you alot bro. Happy Birthday! I know it was yesterday, but I couldn't get myself to write anything. The Cubs are doing great this year, #1 in their division so far, but the damn brewers are tied with them! The Cubs look strong though, definitely on track for the playoffs, maybe even another series!
    Happy brithday, Jamie. K Rool was announced for Smash today, and it made me think of you. Got me thinking of how I really miss all those times back in 2015 where we'd just meme together all the time. Wish that never stopped. I don't know why, but those moments always made me forget about all of life's problems, and for a brief amount of time, everything was ok.
    (420 character limit ruining everything)

    I wish I could have done more. But, anyway, I know you'd be making some of the best ****posts about K Rool in Smash right now, and I'd like to think that was done for you.
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    Happy birthday Jamie. There’s been so many things that I’ve wanted to talk to you about and I can’t. Your family miss you too, I’m gonna watch out for your dad for you. Your friends miss you like crazy. We’ve formed a little family of our own now because we don’t know how to live without you. We don’t know who we even are.
    Dude. Kawhi and Danny Green just got traded to the Spurs for a young center and DeMar. Holy ****.
    Jamie where are you? I want to talk to you. I really need you right now. Please come back soon, I need you to fill the hole in my heart. I miss you a lot man. I just want to be able to talk to you again.
    Me again.
    I saw Poppy today and I remembered how cute you were playing with her at my brothers wedding. She was just a baby then but now she’s almost 4. You wanted a daughter one day. There’s so many conversations we had that nobody else was ever lucky enough to talk to you about. I knew you so well. You annoyed the hell out of me but I’d give anything for you to annoy me one more time
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