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  • I like Nas but he's not one of my favorites. I like a lot of new and old rappers. I've been listening to rap since elementary school.
    Yeah, I really like Metal Gear. If you want to, you can join this group. It's for fans of Metal Gear and it only has a few members.
    Hey illmatic, I noticed your avatar is Solid Snake. Are you a fan of the Metal Gear series?
    Let's see, these are all renders from Arkham Asylum, so on the left is Poison Ivy, then Bane, the Scarecrow, Killer Croc and then Harley Quinn. I could go into their back stories if you'd like :P
    I dude want to be buds because I think you are a nice person anyway could you leave a comment here......................
    That is what I thought it was from! I love that album. I am glad to meet someone else who does.
    Hey Illmatic! My name is Joseph. I was wondering what the significance of your username was?
    Hey Illmatic. Just a pointer, but you know that thing under your name that says "Junior Member"?
    You can change that to whatever you want by going to "Settings" and clicking on "Edit profile".

    There, you'll see a box that says "Enter custom user title here". I think that's self explanatory.~
    Hey there, illmatic. I think you deserve at least one vistor message. So, hiya. I'm Kate. Nice to meet ya.
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