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  • Yeah, I really love the game, (even to the point of it being fun for me) with my only problem with it being that I remember pretty much everything about it, so a second playthrough just doesn't have the same feeling as the first. But at least the atmosphere is still just as great as it is the first time around.
    Thanks for the flattery, expaining my username: John Locke came up with the Life, Liberty, Property concept that Thomas Jefferson loved so much, to the point that the Declaration was nearly "Pure Locke" in my Government teacher's words. I tend not bring up intelligence (the few out of the "7 types" I excel at) or the words genius/brainiac/savant etc. with much seriousness too often out of respect for long dead geniuses and watching out for a big ego, as well as only being a something like 30-40 points above the average on I.Q. tests.
    Just thought I'd say that Cave Story is awesome. (b'')b
    I got it a little while ago, and am having... well, nicely put, a 'hard time' with the Blood-Stained Sanctuary. XD
    I'm not very good at videogames and I found one level extremely challenging. It's not like I can help it :p
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