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Flute Boy
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  • Well I have 0. Yes 50 character limit can be annoying but it's there to stop spam. For the 2 points, you better becareful because 10 points can get you banned. I think it's 10 like on Zelda Universe but I'm not sure.
    I didn't mean your rep. On the Visitor Message Box, there are some tabs. One says 'Infractions'. How many points did you get?
    Don't worry about the blue. It doesn't affect you because it wasd from someone in the forums that just joined. How many infraction poins(s) did you get?
    Wow you got a low rep. I can't believe that you low rep. How many points do you have (look on posts and click the rep button or go to the main settings page)? I can help you with high rep. You can make well detailed posts or help people with an answer if they need help with a game and you helped. I have 18 rep points now but I'm still an unknown commodity.
    Just for your information, I'm not a dude ;)

    Anyways, feel free to ask questions to forum staff or Hylian Knights/Nobles if something confuses you or you need some forum help. We don't have that special color for nothing :P
    you sig is too large. The signature rules can be found here

    The picture is beautiful though, did you make it yourself?
    I checked the pic on your sig. I copied it into word and put the sig limit pic into Microsoft Word to check if your pic is OK. I just checked and it looks like the same width but the hieght is bigger. You better take it down before you get an infraction from a mod or someone like that. I got an infraction so I took it down. If your not sure, ask a mod that's online now. Axle the Beast and Vincent are the mods that are online now so ask them.
    OMG. You did 60 posts in one day. You didn't spam didn't you. Then that would make me so jealous. I don't know if you multiple posted. But I don't think you did. I'm just so jealous. You have nearly 100 posts. Looks like Master Kokiri 9 has a rival.
    The one with Dark Link carrying Zelda over his shoulder. Very..... promiscuous, lol
    I love the image in your signature. Very creative :)
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