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  • Uhm... I think just by posting well-thought-out posts and contributing to the forum.
    I agree with FE having very thick plotlines and lots of twists, but I also do like Zelda's gameplay better... but that's just because I'm not so great with tactics games. Like I said, I love FE for the stories and characters, which is why I force myself through the gameplay.

    I've always wanted Zelda to take up the art style used in the GCN&Wii FE titles.... "soft" cel-shading is what it is, and I've always liked the look of it. I think it'd be a great way to please fans of realistic graphics and fans of cel-shading at the same time.
    Well, of course! I've always been fond of the FE series, mainly for their stories and characters.
    Haha, I'm like that sometimes. I usually work weekends, so I'm on during the week, usually at night.
    My friends and I usually make Xbox Live jokes like "GET THATZ WARTHOGZ you N00B!!" or we would come up with mormon jokes yes, a friend of mine is mormon.
    Yeah I got hooked since last year, made my account on November but it did't get fully activated so I just said F*ck it and made a new Email address just so I could Join ZD again XD
    Hai, welcome to zelda dungeon. Have fun and enjoy your stay. So, which game you are playing recently?
    Funny signature..............................
    I like your signature (with Shiekah symbols),are you make it yourself?
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