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  • lol. yeah, school is boring. I kinda like history, though.

    Why tell them who your crush is then? lolz, you need to have some gal pals to talk about stuff like that with.

    thanks. ^ . ^
    ewewewewew thats sounds yucky! i hate taking medicine. when i was little my mom used to have to sit on me and hold my nose to get me to take it! im really bad at that lol. whoaaa skills! nice test taking job lol im sure you were happy
    hahhaha ya i hate doing schoolwork when you're sick its just like BLAAHH WHAT IS THIS?! lol but ill be in the same boat as you because i feel the sickness coming on. I can see the NightQuil bottle now...*shivers as the nasty green liquid goes down throat* YUCK :(
    omg everyone at my school is sick too! even my madre :( when i was in history there were only 7 girls in my whole class! it was really weird. well, now i think im getting sick. how fun :p anyways, hope your cough goes away!!
    Heh, well thank you.
    Although, as you can probably tell, I changed it already. Now this one, I intend to keep for a while.
    Lol. Hey, taking care of the planet is important. ^.^
    I love how you are into all that. I wish I had the opportunity to get into it myself. Someday, I will. (at least that's what I promise myself :P)
    So, how is school and things? What is your favorite subject?
    on one section of my album i wrote reunion because i found this one picture of nin64 reunion but i couldnt put it up.
    Lol, I should have known you were into sports. What other sports do you play?

    Aaaw. . .I'm sorry to hear that. I know how it can be. Good bfs are SO hard to find these days.

    Hm. . .well not much is "new" with me. Other than having a "pixel" bf. Its so not the same thing as having a real bf, though. *gets depressed when she thinks about it*. Its nothing really. . . .just fills up the time with fake feelings. :P
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