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  • Eh. It's life. I'll get over it. :P Do you like Jefferson Airplane? I love them. Somebody to Love and White Rabbit are my favorite songs.
    come on guys! so close to 1000 visits :D! yayz! 100 visits is a lot!!!
    {insert 100 characters} maybe we should only have 75 characters :p
    lol yeah why was I banned from the shoutbox?! we were all joking so i find it unfair that i am the only one banned.
    Ew. Ear hair. Disgusting. lol My math teacher has chest hair and it pokes out of his collar. its quite distracting. my eye twitches when I stare at it for a little bit.
    My avatar is Devitamamon from Digimon: Digital Monsters.

    It's a very impressive monster, IMO, and one of my favorite Digimon. The fact that he's a Digimon may possibly (but probably not,) explain why he resembles a Pokemon. :xd:
    Well, you don't need to do a caption from the movie. Why don't you just google "joker nurse" and find a pic that you like? :)
    yeah, people seem to not like my posts or simply hate me xD. Now I went from 7 points....to -4 lol
    60 characters? That's insane, any yeah, 'Tis is such a journey to become a hylian hero...
    *inserts 50 characters now* Yeah, that's one's name is Bob, next is Greg...:P
    Oh man, sorry I didn't answer right away, Sure, we can be friends
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