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  • i just ate a giant bowl of noodles and i am so full

    but now i'm making toast with homemade bread, homemade butter, and homemade blackberry jam.
    Pot is a growing problem in my town. Alcohol is a bigger one. Underage sex- well thats not a problem from some of my friends point of view...they left the gang for girls. But I'd do the same...

    Guys here (I'm assuming you are a boy, cause your name is Elliot) get isolated if they start that here. But the isolated crowd is growing- they're the kind that will take pot normally and grab a girl's "special place" at a dance.

    I'm not to big with those guys.
    I'm guessing that they're the kind that is somewhat dedicated to their music, so they try to make it as good as possible.

    Life in the world today is hard enough for me, and most of my friends. I wouldn't call myself emo, but I am somewhat pessimistic. It doesn't help that so few understand such struggles of todays youth aside from the youth themselves.
    Afi? Never heard thier music, but heard they're pretty good. I myself am listening to Stricken, by (guess who) Disturbed. It describes my feelings almost as good as Scars by Papa Roach.

    Music is one of the few retreats I have left now, besides ZDungeon.
    Hah hah, a Ninja eh? Like this one? o.o
    It's good to know that he knows alot about Zelda!
    Ah! That's good! The more the merrier!

    ~I welcomed him to the Forums a few minutes ago!
    cool i posted under the poll who is better lol i think twilight link :p
    yea i will thankyou and ill stay active most of the time k :p
    Well thats sounds pretty good to have some half days and friday off. U get more time for fun lol.
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