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  • Boring and very very very very dry, there's nothing else to do than be here at the forums, I'm still considering the giant dark link thing.
    No you didn't. But call the cops and give them as much info as you have no matter what. But don't do anything too rash. If you do something terrible might happen. I say take something nonlethal but effective like a bat or a golf club or something. Also you might want to take two weapons if he really is part of a gang. That way you can fight off multiple gang members at once. But those thugs are merciless. Try sneaking up on them. Then whack the crap out of them all. And if they have some means of transportation then whack the crap out of that while they're down. I'd lend you my Hylian Shield replica but I don't live anywhere near you. Just don't do anything illegal that a cop could arrest you for. Which means don't kill them. Stealth is the key.
    I mainly took mine apart and transformed them together with my other newer ones. Sadly I am missing most of the parts though.
    Well it depends. I say if you have a weapon of some sort if they're dangerous then with all speed go. If not then simply call the cops and let the pros handle it. Either way I'd call the cops just in case I get cornered. Also if you have a shield too then take that with you. Ya never know.
    Okay whack away.
    I see.., Well, I would tell the child's parents/guardians who these people are.

    Sorry I can't be of more assistance to you!
    And you shouldnt feel bad, there was nothing you could do. So don't beat yourself up about it!
    Don't feel bad Elliot.
    If you know where the kid lives, how about telling him who took it.
    Then maybe, his parents could go to them, and try to retreive it.

    I hope this helps!
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