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  • Just having a little fun, Elliot. Sorry if I offended you, and I haven't judged you (so long as you don't judge me). I'll drop it.
    Dark LInk is the main villain and nothing happens to the main villain till the end when the good guy kills him!
    Hey elliot whats up anything new going on today, anyways I can't think of the third chap for my story any suggestions?
    yeah the buggies get really annoying sometimes. Actually I personally think they're hypocrits. I've seen many amish people in my life and I have no problem with it. But I've seen them in resturaunts and other places with CELL PHONES I thought it was against their religion to use modern technology. I've even seen some actually drive cars.
    Maybe you should move somewhere a little more quiet. Like a little town. It has everything you need but doesn't have much crime. Although not quite exactly like where I live. You see so many flippin amish buggies on the road it takes you an hour to travel a mile. I live in one of the largest amish settlements in the world.
    Woah woah woah back up. You practically get shot for wearing the wrong colors? Dang where do you live?! The most crime infested city of your hemisphere?! Dang that must be rough. Maybe I should send a certain someone a friend request. And no I wasn't talking about Chuck Norris. It's you I was talking about. We seem to get along pretty well.
    Well life isn't going so good. After all with all the pollution, war, and other bad stuff it isn't looking so good. Plus my courty's economy isn't going so well. But really why should I care? I'm 14. But my lifes going okay. Nothing really too big recently.
    Ya but I'm hated by some people here but I'm working on it. And Happy Early Birthday:lol::wave::clap:hope you get great presents.
    My life is okay, the only thing that stands in it's way of being great is no school, I hate it! But I love being 11 it's fun most of the time.:clap:
    Me and my dad also are in a comptition for the best drawing in the family and well Idon't stand a chance against him!
    Hey I suck at drawing so don't think your the only one and I would try to do quicklines it seems to help than slow lines.
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