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  • You should be extremly proud of yourself, well done! (Sorry for my late reply)

    Enjoy and have fun!
    What pic? Lets keep the conversation on your user profile, please...it is more convientient that way! Yawn...letter count, letter count...
    Paul did you see the picture I just added Its pretty sweet
    Basement 24 told me I had to
    to keep my sig

    Paul check Out my new signature
    its a bamf unless yada
    see ya

    cgyfhgvhgjvuyfyvjgyrfhtftbbftybdfgrhcfvhhfybdrhb letter count
    paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllll lllllllllllll where are you

    Stupid letter count!!!!!!!

    Do you ever go on the forums any more or are you just here to talk to your friends

    need more letters
    First of all Demyx is a beast and second sorry things didn't work out for u

    Btw I liked the poem they should turn it into a song
    For anyone that looks upon this page:

    I am crushed.
    On 9/21/09, I started to deal with depression. On 10/21/09, I was almost happy. I had overcome a month of depression, and I was just about to seal my anger away forever.

    But that changed.
    10/23/09, I realized too many things all at once. All overwhelming, I realized that happiness is fleeting. I had my chance at peace and happiness. And I failed.
    y is u never on when i'm on?????

    holy cow a ninja jumped me and I beat him off with a tooth brush
    I know where you used to live Because i is a stalker and know everyfing

    Hi Person who i don't know who doesn't go to my school
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