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    The reason i havent been on in a while is that I've been playing castlevania order of ecclesia.
    Hey thanks i know i havent been on in a while sorry.I got a gamecube and DS for my birthday.
    That´s an exceptionally good question! Unfortunately, I don´t know the answer. Maybe someday I´ll find out, if it´s soon enough I promise I´ll let you know :)

    Have a nice day!
    Yeah, sure. Where is it exactly?

    I'm a pretty strong conservative and might consider.

    All I need to know is where it is and how I join.
    Ha ha ha :lol: I´ve been noticed. You have my gratitude! I kind of believe in yin & yang. That´s my best explanation.
    i lost a lot of friends due to drugs and stuff.
    but i am ok with having no friends if everyone in my town is a drug addict.
    ya afi rock because their guitarist writes really hard songs and he's all over the place and he never screws up.

    i've never heard disturbed.
    i understand the music being a last resource thats how most of my friends are including myself.
    i know what you mean by girl trouble i'm having some myself

    music is awesome i'm listening to the new afi album right now its awesome.
    I'm fine, Elliot. Not really, tho. Lotta girl trouble...

    But how about the, um, music thread? Was a good idea, like everyones music tastes...kinda..
    No, I'm not talking to you - in the topic, at least. I've just decided that it's better for my blood pressure no longer to reply there, so please don't egg me on in the future, okay? I've said my piece. Keep in mind that a suffering person principally cares about an end to the pain, by whatever means.

    I am neither Republican or Democrat, Conseravitive or Liberal. I am a Moderate and an Independant.
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