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  • Hey, bluue! Some of the other Dreamer RPers were wandering if you were still in. You haven't had a post in a while...
    OHHH! You know what, I got confused with DH's character! :O Wow, I feel incredibly stupid right now lol.

    I'm sorry, it's been a while since we've RPed and one of my weakpoints: remembering the names of other people's usual characters.

    Anyway, I'm sorry, please forgive me :C I'm so blond sometimes. I'll go make a post and have Olivia be like "OOPS!" and then ask Elliot to be with them! :)
    Hey lol sorry, I thought Elliot's name was Eric >.> I guess I read it wrong. My bad.

    And I suggest going back to read over my last post. If you look closer, Olivia asked Max, Cassandra, AAAAND Elliot to be a group. Seriously, I'm not THAT heartless to leave out one of your characters, dude! XD
    Yeah, I can link a couple things I made.

    Fruitier Than Fruity Loops - YouTube

    The Rise of Legends - YouTube
    I kind of make whatever I can. I like to make electronic stuff like house and techno as well as trance and dubstep, but I can also make orchestral and symphonic pieces and both styles are quite fun.
    Yeah, now he's a guard. :P Not really, I just had him get hit in the ankle, then stopped and thought, "This is a really good oppurtinity for a pop culture reference."
    Also thought about putting "Vera burned to death," at the end. That makes sense if you've played Minecraft. Also, Vera's name was a rather obscure reference.

    Pink Floyd - Vera - With lyrics - YouTube

    "Vera, what has become of you?"
    I'm getting ready to launch into music making high gear. My goal is to get a minor internet following and then hopefully start releasing tracks on Band Camp. I'll start out free, with donation requests (they don't have to pay but it's appreciated if they do) and move on to selling. Course that's like a year or two from now, but it's a goal.
    Ooooo awesome!!!! Don't worry, nervousness always seems to come when you finally get to talk to somebody you like. Congrats on her asking you! :)

    Ugh yes, one extreme or the other. Never a happy medium. Kinda feels like they completely forgot about your character or just don't care if you get to reply or not. Really sucks DX
    Hey Blue eyes! I'm great! School is crazy, but I'm fine

    Yes you can. They died, cause Cyrus thought they did and cause the government wanted to cover it up (one thing they actually did). So you can write him back in, and have them meet. It's basically gonna be a renewal of the old series. Just be sure to right what happened in the 5 years since the previous one.
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