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  • Hm, I see. Yeah, you're sorta troubled, but I know you're strong within, so just hold on and confront these problems as best you can. I'm glad you're doing okay, though, and I am sorry if I forgot your birthday. When was it? Oh, know that I don't tend to look at the birthday section below the forum where the names appear, sometimes if I comment on someone's profile is because I lay eyes on the section. But late happy birthday to you, Bluee, may you celebrate 100 or more of those. ^^
    Thread should be going up soon. Maybe later tonight, if I get busy with homework. But rest assured, it will be up today... because tomorrow will be serious study time and then I finally get my Fire Emblem game!! :D
    I will make the sign ups tomorrow, hopefully. I have some homework I need to get done myself. Tomorrow around 5-6ish P.M the RP thread might be up. Possibly. XD

    You basically just explained me attempting to do school work in a nutshell... XD
    Your intro wasn't sucky! My title was XD

    I'll have to decide which character I want. And nooooo blueeee! Your characters are great! I've just have my same 4 characters for... 2 years now.. yeah. 2 years. I put WAAAAAY too much thought into them...

    Glad to hear you will be back into RP! And yes, you want to post the sign up thread or me? We probably want to make this soon. c:
    The name did suck, imo. XD Anyways, oooh! I like your ideas! They are fantastic! So this is why your co-creator... XD.

    As for the character with super powers... I recall that I had my characters Krissy, Shannon and Vince. And later on I was going to have Lance be found, alive but in a coma, in a gov place thingy... It was something to that effect. Given I don't remember much about my plans for that idea besides that. Once again given, if we start the RP up again soon I would probably have my character Xaviar (definitely) and maybe once again Shannon. Vince is iffy. I dunno. Lance or Vince could both fair well as the super powered character. Then again, you have characters, you give me some suggestions. And feel free to think up more plot ideas, the more the better!
    Help me come up with new ideas for some minors plots in this RP. I'll need to remember what Survivors was all about again... all I remember was it was about zombie animals. XD
    Not sure yet... Guess I can ask around to see what people would like better.

    We are still fighting demons, take your time. c:

    Good, I am asking people like Baba or Mono for ideas, but since you were the previous co-founder I'd be good if you'd have some ideas too.

    You might know some of this stuff already, but that's just the basic plot line thus far. And not to burst your bubble or anything, but Ysera found a different way to get her character the fan weapons... I didn't do this, she did. XD
    Hey Blue! I am on a break from writing that story. I have had writer's block, I guess you could say. I've had a lot to do, but I won't lie, I have been putting it off. I'm sure I'll finish it off at some point in time.
    Lol, silly Blueee. You were my co-founder. Remember? It was kind of like a zombie apocalypse story but with animals. I was thinking of remaking it or having a 2.0 version. But for now, I'm poking around for ideas...

    and that's fine about your internet, I figured something like that had happened. No biggie. You need a brief summary of what has happened in Dreamers?
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