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    ok on my sig. (the deku link) right click and "save image as" then name it blah blah when you do that go to settings then go to "edit avatar" and do option 2
    browse the pic of the deku link you just save AND TA DA!!!
    you did it :P

    I hope that helps >.<
    Sure dude! :3 :clap:
    Go right ahead! :nod:
    But make sure I have all the rights! :)
    I'm not really into pokemon cuz it stucks
    I'm actually not going to be reading the story or look at all the new Pokemon actually. But of the designs that I've seen, I think I agree that they look great too, not just the legendaries. The graphics, actually, aren't that much of a step up from HG/SS. Sure, they use a cool new vantage point (HG/SS actually had coding for every single area in that vantage point) and you don't just see a fixed point of view in battle and the sprites move around in battle too, but it really isn't that much of a step up from HG/SS. I do, however, agree that the graphics look good.
    Hello, Welcome to ZD. Have fun and make sure to follow the rules :). You will have lots of friends in no time.

    PS. If you want to reply to a visitor mesage on your profile just click "View Conversation", and reply on the next screen. If you have any questions just ask.
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