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  • Hey bds1110,
    I saw your thread about the "Bottled Water in OoT" and I just wanted to say: If you want the bean to grow quickly as a child, and if you have the Song of Storms, you can play that to make it grow due to the rain.

    Hope that helps ;)
    Hey if you need a hand, I might be able to help you make a square for the Zeruda get well quilt.
    I don't really see it being that unlikely personally. Just because they said it won't fit doesn't mean next game they won't flip around. And besides, TP and SS were both made as they were essentially from fan reactions to the previous game. Hell even ST did this. Or OoT 3D. So they're obviously paying attention to what people say. Since they are, if people clamor for voice-acting enough, it'll happen.
    I would just like to add that Misadventures for the Gamecube was great and I would recommend people to buy it. . _.
    Ah. Yeah. Well obviously I don't want bad translation or bad voice-acting either. I do think voice-acting could be cool (although I don't mind not having it), and I don't really think Nintendo would screw it up if they did it. I think they're almost certain to pull it off well if they do it. But that's just me.
    Yeah, I saw that. It's interesting. Thanks for showing me. ;)

    It seems pretty unlikely at this point that we'll see voice-acting in Skyward Sword, but I think it's still vaguely possible since they've contradicted themselves before. =\
    Hey bds1110, sorry if i am a little late, but welcome to ZD~ Nice to meetcha im MM98 ^^
    Glad to hear from another fan who shares my sentiments! ^^ Haha, yeah, me either. XP

    Er. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I WAS looking forward to it. I've known about it for months actually (since I'm staff), and it kept getting pushed to a later date. -.- I really enjoyed it. I actually helped come up with a lot of the questions, so I wasn't eligible for prizes. :xd:

    Hm, well I haven't played them yet, but from what I've heard from reputable sources (Mases, MrMosley), Oracle of Ages is the better of the two, so I'd go for that. ;)
    The left-handed option isn't a proven fact but it's a pretty big "duh" IMO. Yeah, Tuesdays are mailbag days. Actually, technically it's really late Monday night, but often at like midnight or later, so it's technically Tuesday, and it's intended for a Tuesday update.

    I know! 3 out of 6 confirmed just like that! And it's more solid than that, this game is confirmed to cover the origins of the Master Sword now, which means that it's a prequel, not a sequel, to any game involving the Master Sword. :3

    The crossbow/longbow one might turn out to be wrong though, although it's not impossible. Miyamoto almost confirmed my prediction about expanded inventory, particularly about OoT's equipment system. It wasn't solid yet, but it was interesting. And it seemed like he may have been dodging a voice-acting question, so that could turn out to be true too! :)
    Well I answered it in my last message, then. You can resend questions if you like. While I do hang on to old emails in general, I usually only go over the current week's emails for the mailbag, so your chances are a lot higher if you do. ;)

    Which ones weren't rumors? You mean the ones that were already obvious?

    Yeah, I've heard the Vitality Sensor one. I really don't buy it. :xd: The only rumors I covered in the video were ones posted on the main page over the last few months.
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