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  • Nope im not a fellow christian :D my religion is Iglesia Ni Cristo "The Church of Christ", ok i will call you Jo.
    Hey! So i thought of something I want to learn specifically, and I'm kicking myself for not having thought of it already. I'm a waitress and we have a deaf gentleman who come in quite often with someone else. SO I'd like to learn food, and phrases I use often. ^^
    Oh well, I guess the best designer won. I'll still use my banner though lol :) At least it got a COUPLE of votes.
    Hey thanks!
    Thanks, I love that avatar. I wish I could remember where I got it to credit the artist...:(
    Aww... well, don't listen to him. I think your graphics competition threads are interesting, and that you're contributing something to the forum. It's probably for the best that he's leaving, that way you won't have to worry about him dragging your name through the mud.
    Wait... you called that guy Tony.

    If you're the member he was talking about, then please discount everything I said in that thread. I thought he was talking about a bully, not you.
    I wasn't sure what to believe, but his points were quite valid. I didn't really believe you were a Mafia though, I was more interested in Random Person and Epwna. I still am, I think I'm going to need my rifle.
    Hey, you have to give me credit for giving you the benefit of the doubt :P I still never voted for you against all of the evidence the Master Kokiri 9 put up. xD

    At least we have got some fairly good leads now from Master Kokiri's death. ;)
    My boyfriend is. And my friend is. I am staying behind to hopefully get a degree in teaching or social worker so yeah
    oooh Yum... See I like pork, but I cook with chicken more, so that will be interesting. The only pork I have int eh house right now is spiced in lemon thyme so I have to wait to do another store run, when I actually have money :) Cant wait!
    Just an update on cooking - the spiced pork and apples was pretty good. I'll probably make it again, though I want to try it with chicken sometime to see how I like it. I can post it in the thread or send it in a message. :)
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