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  • I plan to post on your new thread but I'm about to leave, the subject hits right at home with me.
    I'm use to being the guy that was never good enough to date but to be the crying shoulder for a lot of my female friends through highschool and even to this day. It doesn't bother me though. I've got plenty of experience in relationship advice giving it just sucks when I can't apply it to my own sister. Maybe thats the problem though because we are related. IDK. Thank you for talking to me about all this. Its nice to have civil and adult conversation for once, even though the topic isn't quite a happy one.
    I don't think I could stand a puppy pad, it might be a good alternative but I just wouldn't want it in the house. lol My little boxer pup is only 7 months but she is getting to the point to where she wines when she wants out. Which is good, but sometimes she gets too preoccupied with something and forgets to let me know. Oops accident >.<

    About my thread though I think you're right. My sister already has issues with my Dad and I don't want to come off as a father figure. Though I have done like you said and I always get "I don't want to talk about it" So I just always try to go out and do things with her, even if its little things.
    It is, I'll check it out in a sec. I'm babysitting my puppy at the moment. Potty training takes a lot out of you lol.

    I read my bible earlier today, and my laundry is going at the moment. No homework though :p
    Im alright so to speak. I've got a lot of issues going on in my life, but for the most part I am grateful for what I have. Playing OoT at the moment. What are you up to today?
    Haha technically the way you say you pronounce it is "Jay Oh" :p

    lol How are you?
    *Points at Skype*

    Why talk to me on a place I barely even visit anymore instead of where I'm all day long?
    No, I just did not get a chance to check it until today. But it was disturbing, but you are not.
    Oops, and i reported his message. Show me that pic in a private message, Please.
    The two Messages Below were very Rude. I am sorry they said those things about you.
    Yeah....Please Don't try to show mem that pic.

    It's Disturbing
    It's annoying and honestly, you are too.
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