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  • Kumusta ka? Na paka ayos naman nga merong pinoy dito sa ZD! Mag send po ako ng friend request.
    Hey man, nice to meet you. Want to be friends? I own 32 Zelda's, so I'm a big fan. Also, want to be friends on Skype? You could hang out with me, K4KING and Wyatt, it will be great.
    Hey! What's happening? Just thought I would send you a friend request here too. lol
    Hey fightersword!
    Well, I have an idea for the Sages of Hyrule's Arts group. Once a month, we will hold a meeting to discuss literature (sometimes a bookclub), a piece of music (I'll post the song), and art (obviously).
    The meetings themselves will be held on our group page via discussions. And well...yeah. I hope you can come.
    They will be held on the 20th of every month.

    P.S. I'm Filipino too! Let's be friends. :P :)
    Oh. :lol:
    Haha, yeah, you could be his lost brother or something. :P Anyway, what kind of stuff do you like to do here? Read, write, draw, etc.
    Yeah, you look elegant and cool, like an officer. You still serving your country or has that time come and gone? Btw, in your profile pic you look like one of my friends.
    Heya, Commander Cham. Is that really you in the Officer suit? :P Anyway, didn't have the pleasure of introducing myself before...I am Atsuma...good to have you aboard the ZD ship. XD
    Hey man, just wanted to answer the question you posted in this thread since no one else got to it.

    You can use something called a "dongle," essentially a bluetooth adapter, to add bluetooth capabilities to your computer. Google "bluetooth adapters" or "bluetooth dongles" and you'll probably find something about it. They fit right into the USB port. :)

    Nice to meet you, btw.
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