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  • I'm sure that I would use my secret weapon if your re-deads scare my wimpy courageous soldiers.

    (I'm scared of re-deads 2)
    So then I'll show no mercy with my deku soldiers.(remember that i can transform into something monstruous and smash your re-deads.[if u defeat my soldiers])

    but i'm in a cute form cuz i'm in a good mood.
    I wouldn't mind that. If you want to turn the picture I made for Octo Rocked into a signature then go for it! =P
    Ja, din Svenska är helt ok ;)
    Jag bor i Stockholm, du?
    Anubis... Death god, cat dude? XD
    Talar du Svenska?
    Uh? Oh, I don't. I just said if you want to.
    Now I think I sound like i'm begging for members...-.-
    If you want to. It's up to yourself.
    But, if you would, that would be great. We need more active members who can make good threads and posts.
    Thanks for showing an interest!
    Hello Anubis. How have you been lately?
    I see you payed a visit to my site? What do you think of it?
    Yeah, that's fine! I love people calling me Ark!
    And, you're welcome for the friend invite. I'm always happy to make new friends :)
    Welcome to ZD, Anubis! Have fun, and don't forget to read the rules!
    If you need anything, just ask me or any other member! See ya around!
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