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  • Enough for today/tonight :p, I'll go to sleep *puts on a bunny slipper, goes to bed and SOL (snore out loud)*

    I'll be online in....*big blank in my memory appears* hum.... more than 1000000 seconds or 10 hours or more?

    bye anyway *SOL*.(Actually, my mother language is portuguese, my second laguage is chinese, my third language is english, my fourth is italian and my fifth language is spanish [too much eh?])
    Hey hey hey! My twilit deku tree can use a BIG magnifying glass to make a natural sun lazer!MUA HA HA HA HA!

    *edit* I saw the picuris (soo cute :3 ) on zelda dungeon in the minish cap figurines :D.
    Ok, it's 1:59 AM here in beijing(I don't know why my internet drops when i go to see u 2b(you tube) videos, blogs and facebook)...

    *extra* that why I yawned, gonna go 2 sleep in 60000 seconds *yawn and looks drowsy*....

    *extra2*why I sleep so late???cuz i like to wake up late!!!ha ha...got it?
    *yawns* don't chomp brains, cuz they tastes/look horrible and they don't raise you IQ...

    E.T.(AKA enemy tracker) says: I like to be mystical and nobody will stop me!MUA HA HA HA HA!!!

    *note* dekus are plants, so they don't have brains(but they still have good ideas).
    (dampe's grave has a room that is FULL of re-deads, so there is a good place to recruit more servants)

    I think that changing my avatar is a little bit boring, cuz I have tons os photos/pics.
    HE HE HE HE HE HE HE, of couse not, i'm just 'tracking' for cool things and when I find a cool one, I save it and use it :D. (hum...., what does picori stand for?)
    I found some strange seeds, but i tripped, letting them fall.After a stormy rain, they grew and did this!:

    Ill take that as a YEEEES! WE DO WE LOOOOOOVE YOU ANUBIS YOUR MEGA AWeSOME! XD only joking I suck! :D
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