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  • FYI, the deku tree and the emerald are just part of my secret weapon...(i won't show until u face me).

    * edit* now i rule everything that has 'deku' in its name ( i guess...), including the deku tree.

    (phew...)Almost reavealed a secret.
    :O What a coincidence!

    I don't know how to add music or anything yet. I havent used it yet. Do you need to have files on a Phone or something?

    My minifridge can hold about 7 cans of juice. Maybe 8 if you squeeze them in! :P

    But I don't know how to help...maybe advertising? And who said you failed!? Your works are brilliant!
    Whoever said that will feel the wrath of the great Arkvoodle! Muhh hah hah hah hah *cough* *cough*...hah. >:-D
    Ooh! I have that exact same mug! And a Minifridge with Homer on it. :P

    But, for Christmas, I got a Dsi with a copy of Scribblenauts, an acessory pack, a mug (Coincidence?!), some money and an SD Card for my Dsi.
    That's all really, but using the money, I might buy a game or something. ^^

    EDIT- I almost forgot! When I decide what I want it to be based on, I might ask you to make me a sig! Would that be okay?
    ok ok ok ok, aye aye aye. I gonna show you later.(feed your re-deads too and don't expose them to light)

    *edit* one of the girsl is called papaya:
    he he, i found two cute girs when i was walking in the forest:eek:ne that is similar to th deku princess and one that has a big flower on her head
    he he, but ya haven't declared war (i would be hidden in a tomb if i were u, cuz i won't use my soldiers or my ocarina, but yes my secret thing).
    i carved a deku ocarina, so i'll play tha song of sun and it'll be over, but it isn't mah secret weapon(mah first war tactic).

    *note* all of my soldiers has it and a microphone
    I won't show my secret weapon for now (i just befriended u yesterday) cuz we aren't in war. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, my weapon has KILLOMETERS tall and has twilit powers?

    *note* As the deku king, I rule every kind of enemies that have 'deku' in their name or i'll "track" for the other plant-like enemies.

    War cry if i lose a battle: -I'm junked...

    war cry if i win: -Yay me!
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